The only controlled substance tracking and diversion detection solution offering complete coverage of the OR and nursing floors.

A single high-profile diversion event can cause significant reputational damage, put patients at risk, and incur substantial fines from the DEA. Only ongoing, 100% reviews will identify 100% of the problems. Created by Kit Check, the leading provider of automated medication management solutions, the new Bluesight for Controlled Substances solution seamlessly connects information from automated dispensing cabinets, the EMR, and other systems to provide a comprehensive audit.

  • 100% audit of EMR and ADC records

    Conduct true closed-loop medication dose reconciliation of all controlled substances, from the cabinet to the patient.

  • Scalable, true cloud platform

    View data trends, anomalous behavior, and documentation patterns at the individual facility, regional or system level.

  • Dashboards, customizable alerts, and reporting tools

    Uncover hidden patterns and correlations with powerful machine learning algorithms. Review specific, actionable recommendations.

  • IT resources not required

    Be fully operational in a matter of days with no ongoing maintenance.

  • No additional licenses, servers, or hardware

    Leverage existing reports from all major automated dispensing cabinets and EMR vendors.

Get real peace of mind and confidence in the completeness of your controlled substance records.

The prescriptive intelligence of Bluesight for Controlled Substances gives you a smarter way to manage your medication data. An elegant, cloud-based solution, Bluesight for Controlled Substances brings the power of machine learning to bear on the ‘big data’ being generated daily from your EMR and dispensing cabinets. Having a real-time view of 100% of your data and specific, actionable recommendations allows hospital administrators to swiftly address anomalous behavior and documentation patterns. Even critical usage areas such as the OR and other procedural areas that might not follow the standard order process can be folded into the audit process. The robust suite of investigative dashboards included in Bluesight for Controlled Substances allows tracking down to the transactional level, including drill-down by:

  • Patient
  • Provider
  • Location
  • Medication
  • Event type

Track. Resolve. Report.

Administrators know that mitigating diversion risk is only part of the compliance picture. Fines are equally significant for incomplete record-keeping and audit processes. Bluesight for Controlled Substances makes fully searchable, transaction-level record keeping possible for hospitals of any size. Exception reports allow your staff to focus on the important discrepancies, and resolutions are tracked automatically to provide you with a complete audit trail.

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