Spend Less Time.

Get Better Results.

Are you grappling with…

  • Time consuming manual record reviews?
  • Pulling quality data for longitudinal analysis?
  • Identifying risk and bad actors amongst all the ‘good’ data?
  • Lower personnel budgets and increased scrutiny?

Your team is committed to high clinical and patient care standards, process improvement, and modeling best in breed practices and tools. You’re spending valuable staff time on controlled substance audits and analysis, but these resources could also be spent elsewhere, and the data isn’t as easy to handle as you’d like.


Why Bluesight for Controlled Substances?

  • Ensure 100% transaction-level audit coverage across care areas without additional staff time
  • Identify diversion and outlier behavior patterns from a comprehensive risk analysis approach
  • Free up staff time and resources by leveraging your existing technology investments
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Feature Highlights

AI, Meet Rx

Artificial Intelligence + Pharmacy Data = Real Power. Bluesight for Controlled Substances leverages machine learning to manage and interpret highly complex information. The more data the platform handles, the smarter it gets. Let the machine make your job easier, every day.

Friendly Forensics

See what others can’t. Use our exclusive investigative risk dashboard, to drill down into behavior patterns, documentation trends and other anomalous usage information to find providers for further investigation. Configure alerts and reports to share with your partners in opioid stewardship.

End the Hunt

Stop searching for the needle in the haystack. Our prescriptive intelligence platform provides specific, actionable recommendations to minimize real risk. Focus on the most important patterns, rather than sifting through reams of outlier reporting data. Allow your team to work to the top of their license; we’ll take care of the rest.