PHI Data & Security

With the Bluesight suite of products, we have taken every precaution to ensure that all protected health information (PHI) is handled securely and is compliant with all HIPAA requirements. In general, all data transmitted and stored is encrypted.

The Bluesight for Controlled Substances uses HTTPS (TLS 1.2) to encrypt communication between the UI in your web browser and our servers. Authorization tokens are encrypted with AES-256 keys with an authentication tag for tamper detection. Uploaded files are secured using server side AES-256 encryption.

Enhanced data security is one of the many benefits of a cloud software architecture built for security from the ground up. Kit Check software is also validated by third parties and recognized as meeting the most stringent of security requirements. Amazon Web Services (AWS) recognized Kit Check as one of its notable case studies.

For more information on how the Bluesight platform handles PHI in the cloud, contact us.

Bluesight balances security and ease of use.

  • Data delivery flexibility

    Bluesight products support manual data uploads and SFTP automated delivery; no integration is required for implementation or use. Our team works with yours to pull the necessary data sets — pharmacy can own the entire project.

  • PHI security from the ground-up

    Bluesight products are built to protect PHI, both in transit and at rest, and meet all HIPAA requirements. Our system architecture has been extensively tested and verified for compliance.

  • Easy installations

    Bluesight products are designed to require minimal staff involvement in implementation and can be customized to reflect your facility’s current workflows, staffing constraints, and goals.