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Buyer’s Guide for Hospital Pharmacy Kit Automation

Buyer’s Guide for Hospital Pharmacy Kit Automation

For decades, hospital pharmacy kits were managed and processed manually. When a kit returned to the pharmacy, a technician would begin the tedious process of determining which items were used and required restocking and if any of the remaining items should be replaced because of a nearing expiration date. After restocking was complete, a registered pharmacist would check the kit for accuracy. Despite this double-check, hospitals would routinely find 5% or more of kits contained errors.

Pharmacy kit automation solutions first emerged using barcode technology hoping to improve kit accuracy. However, hospitals found that barcode solutions actually took longer than the 20-30 minute per kit manual restocking process. An attempt to address the accuracy issue unintentionally exacerbated the labor intensity problem, causing both restocking times and inventory requirements to increase.

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