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Diversion Quarterly Q2 2021

Photo of Diversion Quarterly Resource

Diversion Quarterly Q2 2021

Kit Check is sharing data from its Bluesight™ for Controlled
Substances platform on a quarterly basis to provide insight
into the types of diversions and investigations that may be
occurring in hospital pharmacies. The following information is
as of June, 30th 2021. Data was pulled from health systems
across the United States.

Commentary from the CEO

“As hospital staff become less overwhelmed with the
pandemic, there is a slight decrease in the number of cases
with variance. Cases involving RNs, physicians and
anesthesiologists have all dropped slightly with
anesthesiologists seeing the biggest decline. As well as a
decline in the number of days it takes to open and close an
investigation by two days.” said Kevin MacDonald, CEO of
Kit Check. “Fentanyl continues to be the top drug making up
the variance as it has been for the last six quarters. There
hasn’t been a shift in the top drugs that make up the
variance so providers should continue to closely monitor
these controlled substances in the workplace.”

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