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Formatting the Kit Check EPC

Printing or Displaying the Kit Check EPC

When displaying the 96-bit Kit Check EPC in any human-readable form, it should be written as 24 hex characters and formatted with hyphens, as described below.

This formatting should be used whenever possible. This includes both when displaying it on-screen and when printing it on a label or other packaging.

NOTE: Formatting the EPC with hyphens is for readability purposes only. They hyphens are not technically part of the EPC and are not encoded on the inlay.

1. Convert from 96-bit to 24-hex

Convert the 96-bit EPC into a string of 24 hex characters. Each position can contain a 0-9 or an A-F character.

96-bit: 100000000000000111111111111111110000000000000000000000000000000010000111011001010100001100100001
24-hex: 8001FFFF0000000087654321

2. Add hyphens

The 24 hex characters should be formatted into 5 segments or groupings. The segments will have 4, 4, 8, 4, and 4 characters each, respectively. Each segment should be separated by a hyphen.

Without hyphens: 8001FFFF0000000087654321
With hyphens: 8001-FFFF-00000000-8765-4321

NOTE: The middle grouping is 8 characters, not 4.