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Medication Intelligence Solutions

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210 Million+
RFID-tagged medications scanned
Drug Administrations Reviewed
Dollar From Pharmacy Drug Budgets Under Management
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ControlCheck™, a next-generation software solution from BluesightⓇ, enables you to take a proactive approach to drug diversion. Our innovative cloud-based software taps into existing information from your automated dispensing cabinets (ADCs) and electronic medical records (EMRs) to identify anomalous patterns of behavior from clinicians using artificial intelligence (AI) and continuous learning from our 500+ partner hospitals.

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CostCheck™ modernizes the drug purchasing experience and provides transparency to all available drug options to ensure you get the best prices and your organization is fully stocked with the drugs it needs. To date CostCheck analyzes over $7 billion in pharmacy drug spend providing our customers with an average savings of $1 Million.

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KitCheck is the leading medication management solution that leverages RFID technology to provide you with actionable insights to the unit dose of your medications throughout the hospital.  Our RFID technology provides full visibility into your hospital’s drug inventory and reduce restocking time by 83%. KitCheck has you covered for your crash carts, auxiliary trays and operating rooms

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Our Customers

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Our [Wholesaler] didn’t consider a prefilled bag and a prefilled glass container to be equivalent. So you couldn’t even see that the Glass bottle was an OPTION in the Cardinal Ordering Portal without searching it, whereas CostCheck brought it to my attention it let me switch to a cheaper alternative AND move to an item that wasn’t in shortage.

Thomas Latuga PharmD, BCPS, Pharmacy Finance and 340B Coordinator

I’m confident that this technology has helped us to reduce errors and improve patient safety. KitCheck is the extra
safety measure we needed. It’s a great feeling to be confident that the trays and kits are accurate.”

Lisa Jackman, Manager of Support Staff at University of Vermont Medical Center

Before [implementing ControlCheck], we were fighting fires, but could never be sure that they were the right ones. Having data from multiple sites all in one place and a report that is easy to read and understand is beneficial.

Dr. Andrew Stanley, PharmD., MBA, Pharmacy Support Manager

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