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Bluesight, The Medication Intelligence Company™


Transform the health system pharmacy supply chain through software, connecting hospitals and manufacturers from production through utilization of medications.


Deliver a Medication Intelligence-based operating system to the hospital pharmacy that drives better cost, efficiency, and safety.

Medication Intelligence

All Bluesight solutions are based on a simple idea: if providers can keep track of every medication dose from manufacturing to the patient, problems of inefficiency, waste, and patient safety are solved. That’s Medication Intelligence.

KitCheck ®

KitCheck provides actionable analytics on expired and recalled information, item consumption and advanced segment optimization. Optimizes workflow through RFID, partnering hospitals and manufacturers.Offers full visibility into all medications and allows for a simple user experience through Cloud-based solution and simple restocking process.

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ControlCheck provides actionable analytics through IRIS dashboard Utilizes multiple data streams through specialized KPIs such as action times, user mobility , waste networks, etc. Optimizes Workflows through specialized KPIs such as action times, user mobility, waste networks, etc. Gives full visibility by utilizing closed-loop medication dose reconciliation and allows for a simple user experience through companion resources and training such as the Diversion Collective.

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Provides actionable analytics that allows users to optimize their drug spend tailored specifically to their hospital needs. Optimizes Workflows through real-time FDA and wholesaler information compared to user data. Allows for full visibility into pricing and procurement variables such as shortages, overcharged invoices and continuously changing supply chain and gives a simple user experience through easy-to-execute decisions such as recommended changes, 340B ratio optimization, etc.

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Our Customers

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Bluesight invents KitCheck.

Bluesight gain’s its first two customers: The University of Maryland Medical Center and NYU Langone.

Bluesight gets its first partner, Safecor.

Bluesight begins to offer pre-tagged 503b compounded drugs.

Bluesight gets visibility into ADCs and recalls.

Bluesight launches ControlCheck™ (formally known as Bluesight for Controlled Substances).

ControlCheck Introduces an Individual Risk Identification Score.

Kit Check partners with Nephron Pharmaceuticals and Omnicell

Bluesight releases CostCheck (formally known as Bluesights Insights).

Bluesight reaches 1000+ customers and launches first ever Medication Intelligence Summit.

Clinical Team

Our clinical team is composed of industry leaders across the healthcare space. By having clinicians with a range of expertise, Bluesight helps deliver informed and effective solutions.

Sandy Still

PharmD – Director of Clinical Strategy

Sandy Still is an experienced health system pharmacy leader. Prior to joining Bluesight, Sandy was the Manager of Medication Safety, Use and Policy at the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston, SC. During her time at MUSC, she helped implement ControlCheck. Prior to MUSC, Sandy was the Inpatient Pharmacy Quality Coordinator at Kaiser Permanente Northwest (KPNW) in Portland, Oregon. She developed KPNW’s controlled substances diversion prevention committee and co-led the Bluesight RFID implementation in anesthesia automated dispensing machines. Sandy has a passion for medication safety and believes that the Bluesight solutions are key to preventing medication errors, providing insight into medication management data, and allowing more time for pharmacy staff to focus on patients.

AJ Rivosecchi

PharmD – Product Manager, CostCheck

AJ completed his undergraduate studies and Pharmacy school at the University of Pittsburgh, graduating Summa Cum Laude with a Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) degree. He has over 10 years of hospital pharmacy experience, most recently serving as the Manager of Pharmacy Operations for UPMC St. Margaret Hospital in Pittsburgh where he championed many process improvement projects including implementing a controlled substance diversion monitoring program in conjunction with nursing leadership. AJ was active in Health System Pharmacy Operations planning and initiatives including policy review and development, chairing the UPMC Pharmacy Operations Finance committee and serving on the Health System Pharmacy Operations Construction and Diversion committees. AJ has extensive experience in all aspects of health system pharmacy operations, controlled substance management, coordinating diversion investigations, peri-operative pharmacy services and pharmacy automation.

David Vu

Data Analyst Manager

David Vu works as a Data Analyst Manager for Bluesight’s implementation team. He is a 2018 graduate of VCU School of Pharmacy. He is passionate about empowering pharmacists and pharmacy students in seeking nontraditional careers, particularly in health technology and pharmacy informatics.

scott person

Scott Person

PharmD – Product Owner, CostCheck

Scott has worked in hospital pharmacy since the early 2000s and held many roles in that time including Oncology, Pediatrics, Midnights, Adult Inpatient Pharmacy PIC, Controlled Vault PIC, & Supply Chain Management to name a few. I graduated from Shenandoah University with a Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD).

Lauren headshot

Lauren Forni

PharmD, MBA – Director of Clinical Strategy

Lauren Forni is the Director of Clinical Strategy for Bluesight, the leader in medication intelligence solutions. Lauren has 8 years of pharmacy management experience, most recently serving as the Assistant Director of Pharmacy Services at Brigham and Women’s Faulkner Hospital. She is passionate about modernizing health systems through innovation and technology solutions to empower clinicians and improve patient care. Lauren has expertise in improving strategic, operational, and financial performance within a health system and has extensive knowledge of pharmacy supply chain, pharmacy operations, informatics and information systems, 340B, and drug diversion.

Jennifer Splawski

PharmD, MS, BCPS – Director of Clinical Strategy

Jennifer’s extensive experience in pharmacy includes over ten years as a clinical pharmacist with a background in emergency medicine and pharmacy management. Before working at Bluesight, she was the interim pharmacy manager at Loyola Medicine – MacNeal Hospital. In this role, she created emergency medicine pharmacy services, led a large team of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians, and co-lead several technology launches (ADC, AWS, IV Pump, EMR and KitCheck RFID) at her facility.  During these launches, she was integral in making sure technology was integrated into existing workflows and created standardized training for staff members. In her role at Bluesight, she works with pharmacists and nursing staff across the country to learn about and create best practices utilizing our suite of software solutions.

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