About Us

Bluesight for Controlled Substances was developed by the creators of Kit Check, a leading provider of RFID-enabled kitting solutions for hospitals. Since 2011, Kit Check’s mission has been to help improve operational efficiency, patient safety and medication visibility throughout the hospital. To date, Kit Check’s hospital partners in the US and Canada have tracked over 30 million medications with the flagship RFID products.

Bluesight for Controlled Substances is the first offering from Kit Check’s new Bluesight suite. Built on a unique platform, this family of solutions makes use of machine learning to manage and interpret highly complex information. Beyond simply organizing data, the Bluesight platform also offers “prescriptive intelligence” on the results to reduce drug spend, increase medication safety and compliance, and maximize staff productivity.

Bluesight for Controlled Substances leverages the Bluesight plaform to automate the tedious task of auditing item-level medication data. Sophisticated algorithms then provide specific recommendations on outliers for review by hospital staff.

With the addition of the Bluesight prescriptive intelligence platform and its related products, Kit Check brings its expertise in handling millions of unit-level data points to build elegant, effective analytics tools for pharmacy leadership.