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Pharmacy Purchasing Optimization

Hard Dollar Savings Between 1-3% of Spend

Arm your pharmacy with the best information available. CostCheck™ modernizes the drug purchasing experience and provides transparency to all available drug options to ensure you get the best prices and your organization is fully stocked with the drugs it needs. Our savings calculator will help you determine how much you could save with CostCheck.

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Why CostCheck

Average annualized drug spend savings
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CostCheck Delivers Tangible Outcomes

Deliver Hard Dollars Back to Your Budget

Deliver Hard Dollars Back to Your Budget

Today, a pharmacy buyer has to manage siloed data streams, preventing a complete picture of a hospital’s procurement landscape. CostCheck optimizes your catalog to offer blended price analysis in real time. Not only does CostCheck provide you with actionable analytics, it ensures that you are not being overcharged on your invoices and gives you the tools to reclaim overcharged dollars 

Help Me Deliver Hard Dollar Savings

Take Control of Purchasing Oversight

Take Control of Purchasing Oversight

Ensuring compliance across multiple sources causes inaccuracies and possible purchasing mishaps. CostCheck hones on areas of your procurement workflow that are easily overlooked that sometimes cause stockouts of your hospitals must needed drugs. Our modules focused on GPO Compliance, Spend Monitoring, and Drug Shortage prioritization and response to provide you with a comprehensive view into your everyday purchasing habits. 

Help Me Work More Efficently

Drive Systematic Cost Savings 

Drive Systematic Cost Savings 

Drug prices are changing daily, and monitoring these shifts on top of managing contract compliance is cumbersome. CostCheck equips you with prospective tools to get ahead of anomalous trends before they impact the bottom line. CostCheck’s 340B Purchase Trend Analysis alerts and guides you to correct WAC leak before it becomes costly. Price Increase monitoring is the watchdog for contract drops and misloads, preventing overcharges and costly charging errors before they happen, and the Spend Monitoring tool, coupled with GPO Failure to Supply (FTS) monitoring, drives maximal standardized buying practices and cost control.

Additionally,  CostCheck offers System Analytics that gives hospital systems a birdseye view of purchasing data and savings opportunities; no matter the complexity or composition of the health system.

Help Me Avoid Extra Costs

Optimize Your Drug Purchasing Workflow


Increasing operational efficiencies and reducing drug spend are the top two savings initiatives on which Pharmacists are focused. Only an analytics tool with seamless workflow integration can provide both outcomes.

CostCheck utilizes intuitive, pharmacist-designed workflows on top of innovative technology for optimized supply chain management, helping hospitals and health systems easily manage and stock pharmacy inventory by providing real-time insights into drug pricing, GPO compliance, and 340B optimization.

The results are substantial hard-dollar drug savings recognized from the start. The first step in optimizing your pharmacy drug purchasing is identifying the gaps in your current process.  

Identify Current Gaps

Features and Benefits

Real-Time Recommended Changes

Overcharged Invoice Monitoring

340B Ratio Optimization

GPO Compliance Monitoring

Price Increase Monitoring

Spend Monitoring

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Shortages Management

Centralized Dashboard

System Analytics

What Our Customers Are Saying

It works and is economical to other vendors.  I have already referred you to at least two other hospitals.

Pharmacy Procurement Manager

“I love the new spend monitoring workflow. It’s really great, it’s cut and dry and walks me through exactly what I need to do in order to take action”

Supply Chain Management Specialist

Our [Wholesaler] didn’t consider a prefilled bag and a prefilled glass container to be equivalent. So you couldn’t even see that the Glass bottle was an OPTION in the Cardinal Ordering Portal without searching it, whereas CostCheck brought it to my attention it let me switch to a cheaper alternative AND move to an item that wasn’t in shortage.

Thomas Latuga PharmD, BCPS, Pharmacy Finance and 340B Coordinator

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