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KitCheck® for the OR

Operating Room (OR) Medication Restocking Simplified

Whether your hospital uses anesthesia workstations or non-automated anesthesia cabinets, the process of restocking the OR to ensure medication counts are correct and expired medications are removed is incredibly time-consuming. Even with technology investments such as anesthesia workstations and dispensing cabinets, the slow, tedious, and error-prone manual restocking process can result in medication stock-outs that frustrate anesthesia providers, add labor costs, and threaten patient safety. With KitCheck, the process takes a small fraction of the time and ensures accurate inventory.

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How Does KitCheck Work in the OR?

How you use KitCheck to manage your medication inventory in the OR can be customized depending on your hospital’s preferred restocking workflow.

Centralized Restocking

Technicians bring kits and trays from the OR back to the central pharmacy for centralized restocking with the KitCheck scanning station.

Benefits of Leveraging a Centralized Restocking Process:
•All restocking happens in the pharmacy
•Manage staff more efficiently
•Reduces time technicians are in the OR

Decentralized Restocking

Technicians use our Mobile Pharmacy which consists of a KitCheck scanning station and RFID-tagged medications to restock trays directly in the OR.

Benefits of Leveraging a Decentralized Restocking Process:

  • Flexibility in your restocking workflow. Restock directly in the OR
  • No need to transport trays between the OR and the pharmacy
  • Requires less space since the computer, scanning station, and RFID-tagged inventory are all in one location



What Our Clients Are Saying

Manually restocking anesthesia workstations took up to 3 hours a day. Now we can process all the OR’s in less than 30 minutes.”

Michael Brown, Pharm.D., Director of Pharmacy

With Kit Check, the Anesthesia tray restocking process is 35% faster, but 100% better. “There is a lot of value in having consistently correct restocking, both in staff efficiency and patient safety. Kit Check is delivering in both of those areas.

Adrian Gonzales, PharmD, Director of Central Pharmacy Services

Kit Check has been great to work with…and they want to help optimize your front-end operations as much as possible. They’re very responsive to feedback and willing to work with you.

Jason N., Director of Pharmacy

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