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ControlCheck IRIS Worklist and Evidence Collection Features

ControlCheck IRIS Worklist and Evidence Collection Features

ControlCheck now offers collaborative, end-to-end diversion confirmation that reduces time spent on administrative diversion monitoring tasks and surfaces the most important metrics and data to evaluate. With our new features, users can now:

• Proactively review your list of high-risk users. The worklist flags high-risk users in real time and sorts them by level of risk – ensuring your tasks are guided and your time is prioritized.

• Efficiently progress users through the review process. Lean on contextual data – such as variance trends, waste networks, and more – to conduct reviews, plus add notes and attachments for you or your team as needed.

• Collaboratively collect evidence as diversion is suspected. Collect and link key evidence to investigations, collect behavioral reports, and track workflows as a team – all while ensuring that each ControlCheck user has the appropriate permissions.

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