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Recording: Diversion Enforcement- A DEA Investigator’s Perspective

Recording: Diversion Enforcement- A DEA Investigator’s Perspective

Is my hospital prepared for a potential Drug Administration Enforcement audit? What are DEA investigators looking for in an audit? How do I build a robust drug diversion prevention program at my hospital to ensure patient safety and minimize risk?

During this 45 minute session, former DEA Investigator and Senior Managing Director at Guidepost, Susannah Herkert will present and answer your questions about how hospitals can prepare for audits, improve drug diversion prevention programs, and mitigate risks for patients and practitioners.

Susannah Herkert is a nationally recognized expert in the area of pharmaceutical controlled substance investigations and regulatory compliance. As a DEA compliance consultant, Ms. Herkert works with pharmacies and other DEA registrants that have been restricted by their suppliers in evaluating and enhancing their controlled substance policies and processes. Prior to Guidepost, she served with the Drug Enforcement Administration for more than 15 years

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