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Recording: Optimize Drug Purchasing to Drive Big Savings

Recording: Optimize Drug Purchasing to Drive Big Savings

In most cases, health system drug purchasing continues to be a convoluted process. But, as in many other areas of healthcare, the most forward-thinking organizations are tapping into technology to untangle medication purchasing and cut down on spending.

In this recording, Adventist Health’s director of pharmacy shares how the system is putting tech to use to achieve two key goals all hospital pharmacies aim for advancing operational efficiencies and cutting drug spend.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Describe the current state and challenges of medication purchasing in a health system and optimizing drug expenditure
  2. Provide an overview of technology solutions and how they are solving these problems
  3. Explain the critical criteria needed for evaluating and selecting a technology partner
  4. Articulate the outcomes these solutions are producing and the impact they’re having on a health system’s finances

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