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A Message from Kevin MacDonald


Greetings –

I came to work this Monday with a heavy heart. In a message to the Kit Check team that morning I shared my belief that George Floyd’s murder is yet another case of a dangerous pattern of racial injustice in our society. It is one that I personally do not experience, but it permeates throughout the fabric of our society in many forms. I expressed my concern for the well-being of Kit Check employees who experience racial and societal injustice on a daily basis, and I reiterated my commitment to make Kit Check as open and accepting a place as possible. 

I have been working with the HR team to review how we can continue to improve our interviewing, hiring, and promotion processes to ensure equitability, and Kit Check is implementing additional training and other initiatives to increase awareness and effect change. While I do not have all the answers, I can commit to learning by listening first, and seeking ways to improve. As a part of the tech community, an industry that is disproportionally white, I have a responsibility to Kit Check’s employees, our local communities, and the Black community to ensure we are an equitable and accepting employer and that I can do my part to help the Black lives around me achieve more equal treatment every day.  

Sincerely –

Kevin MacDonald

CEO and Co-Founder