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RFID Medication Management

Manage Your Medication Inventory to the Unit-Dose 

KitCheck® is the industry-leading RFID-enabled inventory management solution. KitCheck helps over 750 hospitals modernize and automate time-consuming and inefficient restocking processes to reduce restocking time, minimize drug expirations, optimize kit and tray contents based on actual usage and improve patient safety. See why KitCheck is the #1 choice for managing your kits and trays.

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Why Kit Check Powered by Bluesight

Faster than manual restocking
Available Pre-tagged medications
Restocking errors

100% Visibility Into Your Medication Inventory

KitCheck for the Operating Room (OR)

KitCheck for the Operating Room (OR)

Whether your hospital uses anesthesia workstations or OR trays, OR restocking is a time-consuming process and a variety of external factors can affect patient safety. KitCheck helps you mitigate these challenges :

  • Reduce restocking time by 90%
  • Enable 100% accurate restocking
  • Eliminate stockouts by optimizing PAR levels
  • Instantly identify recalled medications by tray and OR
  • Leverage significant hard-dollar savings by optimizing PAR levels

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KitCheck for Crash Carts and Ancillary Trays

KitCheck for Crash Carts and Ancillary Trays

With RFID technology, hospitals have an electronic log of every medication in their crash carts and ancillary trays. KitCheck provides item-level visibility from manufacturer to patient. Access the cloud-based record of your medication inventory in real-time from anywhere. This enables:

  • Accurate restocking with an electronic audit trail, which saves  your staff valuable time
  • Improve restocking workflow in which you only have to turn-over crash carts containing soon to be expiring medications since medications are tracked at the lot number
  • Real time location tracking of your crash carts through integrations with your  existing Real Time Location Tracking (RTLS) system
  • Instant identification of recalled medications by crash cart and location
  • Significant hard-dollar savings by optimizing PAR levels

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Benefits of RFID Over Barcode

Line of sight is not necessary

Illustration of types of medication.

Increased visibility into medication lifecycle

Can be used on any kit or tray type

Reduce time restocking

Built With a Focus on Universal Interoperability

KitCheck has partnered with 20+ partners across the medication supply chain to bring you a simple and dependable solution to tracking your medications. To date, over 210 million items have passed through KitCheck’s cloud-based registry across different technology systems such as EMRs, Ambulatory, Cold Chain, ADCs, and much more.  We ensure that our products are compatible with GS1, RAIN, and ISO standards to ensure you have the best possible experience with our RFID tags.


We follow UnitVisID standards to ensure that our products are compatible with GS1, RAIN, and ISO standards to ensure you have the best possible experience with our RFID tags. The registry that UnitVisID compatible products are registered in is free and openly accessible to all downstream automation vendors and is not subject to UnitVisID membership. This is what we consider to be true interoperability, where one player does not dictate access to a proprietary system. 

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Manually restocking anesthesia workstations took up to 3 hours a day. Now we can process all the OR’s in less than 30 minutes.”

Michael Brown, Pharm.D., Director of Pharmacy

With Kit Check, the Anesthesia tray restocking process is 35% faster, but 100% better. “There is a lot of value in having consistently correct restocking, both in staff efficiency and patient safety. Kit Check is delivering in both of those areas.

Adrian Gonzales, PharmD, Director of Central Pharmacy Services

Kit Check has been great to work with…and they want to help optimize your front-end operations as much as possible. They’re very responsive to feedback and willing to work with you.

Jason N., Director of Pharmacy

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