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Pharmacy Purchasing Cost Avoidance

Actionable Purchasing Recommendations

CostCheckhighlights trends you can act on. Our solution monitors shifts in purchasing and buying practices to ensure you are optimizing every step of your procurement process. Whether a contract looks anomalous, or your WAC purchasing is trending in the wrong direction, CostCheck ensures you have accurate real-time data to make an informed decision.

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Drive Systematic Cost Savings

Optimize Your 340B Ratios

Optimize Your 340B Ratios

The 340B program is constantly evolving with new legislation and industry focus on optimizing its savings through the program. With CostCheck, you can see when you have an increase in spending due to a change in your 340B ratio per medication. Whenever there’s an increase in a potential WAC of GPO ratio that could detrimentally affect the spending for the quarter, CostCheck will notify you in real-time and provide the workflow solutions needed to take action on these uncovered analytics.

Full Visibility into Historical Drug Pricing

Full Visibility into Historical Drug Pricing

CostCheck’s easy-to-use dashboard leverages intuitive interfaces, representing price history seamlessly. The price monitoring module provides an in-depth look at historical pricing data for all of your previously purchased drug medications, calling your attention to anomalous contracts and price fluctuations. CostCheck’s integration with your wholesaler via your EDI feed allows for a complete view of your pharmacy spending habits to ensure you are not overspending.

Customer Story

Bad WAC Purchase Detected

The 340B team has been avid users of CostCheck to prioritize their work and detect anomalies in purchasing in real-time. Almost as soon as the 340B team started using CostCheck, they detected a large uptick in WAC purchasing percentage for Supprelin LA through the anomaly detection provided in the CostCheck 340B alert. They were able to instantly request a reclassification of the purchase and thus were able to avoid over $90,000 in bad WAC spend as the purchase was reclassified and rebilled at the 340B price. Prior to CostCheck, such an anomaly would have taken months to detect, if at all.

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