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Pharmacy Purchasing Cost Savings

Meaningful Cost Savings

The last few years have taken a toll on pharmacy drug budgets with increasing costs and major staff shortages. The need to find savings within your existing budget is more crucial than ever. Often times there are multiple competing priorities that need to be funded but the budget isn’t there. What if CostCheckcould generate significant savings that you could reallocate to other necessary projects? 

On average, our customers save approximately $17,000 per recommended change sent straight to their inbox. Overtime this adds up to an average savings of $1,000,000 per customer. Interested in how much you could potentially be saving? Test our savings calculator to get an estimate.

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Deliver Hard Dollars Back to Your Budget

Hard Dollar Savings that Matter

Hard Dollar Savings that Matter

Drug prices continue to rise with no end in sight with an average price increase of between 6-9%. Spreadsheets and archaic purchasing tools aren’t keeping up. CostCheck does the heavy lifting for you with its recommended changes feature.

Reduce Spend Waste from Overcharge Invoices

Reduce Spend Waste from Overcharge Invoices

Price errors are common and can be easily missed. Hospitals are overpaying in some instances by $100,000 or more. Hospitals can be unknowingly leaving money on the table when they aren’t aware of errors. You should be paying the same price across similar account types. However, contract and pricing errors are all too common and easily missed, CostCheck provides a way to easily identify these errors, submit them to the wholesaler, and get them corrected. The solution goes a step further and tracks all credits submitted for rebilling on your CostCheck dashboard

Customer Story

Identified Contract Error Preventing Major Overcharge

During the initial data validation call, even before they were fully live with CostCheck, the team at UNC was reviewing the features and functionality of CostCheck. In making this review and highlighting functionality, a discrepancy with contract pricing for insulins was realized between a hospital-owned retail pharmacy and the system-owned contract pharmacy. Research determined that the contract price was dropped from the health-system owned contract pharmacy wholesaler account in error. UNC was able to work with the wholesaler to correct the error and process credit/rebills to recoup contract price savings on hundreds of units of insulin.

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