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Pharmacy Purchasing Oversight

Pharmacy purchasing is affected by multiple factors outside of a hospital’s control such as drug shortages, contracting changes, and purchasing agent behavior. Every year, shortages are the number one problem pharmacists are facing. Managing shortages while continuing to monitor your GPO compliance and trying to purchase drugs from your hospital’s preferred drug list can become complicated. CostCheckanalyzes and interprets all of your data to provide you with a comprehensive dashboard for you to ensure compliance and optimize outcomes.

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Take Control of Purchasing Oversight

Proactively Avoid Drug Shortages

Proactively Avoid Drug Shortages

CostCheck’s shortages module integrates data and decision support tooling from the gold standards of shortage signaling in the market, FDA and ASHP. The shortages module will help hospitals prioritize and respond to impactful shortages. In addition to shortage signaling, the module provides workflow and communication tooling, ensuring seamless incorporation into established shortage response efforts and making them more efficient.

Ensure Every Purchase is at the Best Price

Ensure Every Purchase is at the Best Price

Monitoring drug purchasing compliance within your hospital or health system can be cumbersome. The spend monitoring module promotes accountability, ensuring that your team buys the most cost-effective item from your preferred drug list. 

Go beyond simply monitoring pharmacy purchasing behavior; turn monitoring into action to limit and correct inappropriate spending. With CostCheck’s easy and intuitive workflow, you can assign overspends directly to your buyer allowing for maximized credits and re-billing of the proper preferred NDC.

Maximize GPO Value

Maximize GPO Value

CostCheck provides you with a centralized GPO dashboard that displays real-time overall as well as line item GPO compliance and gives you the ability to monitor and export failure to supply credits. Integrated GPO compliance, product flagging, and GPO prioritization of Recommended Changes also make it easy to ensure your maximizing the benefits of membership.

Customer Stories

Significant Overcharges on Non-Monitored Accounts

The Procurement team was challenged with the day-to-day of keeping up with all 50 of their accounts. Occasionally, they would have 15 wholesaler windows open trying to locate invoices and to remember which account they were looking at all while searching through email. CostCheck helped them to filter through items that may have been overlooked when they were doing orders.

Failure to Supply Utilization

When initially working through the value of FTS purchasing with Thomas Latuga PharmD, BCPS, Pharmacy Finance and 340B Coordinator, he had an ‘ah-ha’ moment when he realized that not only did they not have a workflow to ensure maximal FTS value, they weren’t even aware of the process that had to be followed in order to qualify for the credits! Tom was not receiving FTS credits because of the lack of submitting backorders on the contracted NDCs for calculation, and subsequent crediting, of the increased spend. They were leaving every FTS dollar unclaimed. CostCheck implementation provided them with a valuable opportunity to start receiving FTS credits as well as a workflow and tool for ensuring they were following the right process.

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