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Kit Check Announces New Controlled Medication Auditing Product for Hospitals

Bluesight for Controlled Substances Uses Powerful Prescriptive Intelligence Tools To Streamline Discrepancy Identification, Defend Against Drug Diversion Events

WASHINGTON, DC – Kit Check announced the launch of a new solution designed to optimize medication audits from cabinet to patient and safeguard against drug diversion events at hospitals. Bluesight for Controlled Substances (Bluesight CS) allows hospitals to leverage machine learning to manage and interpret highly complex information.

Bluesight CS is the only solution that seamlessly connects information from automated dispensing cabinets, EMRs and other systems to provide a 100% audit of the dispense, administration, waste and return records for controlled substances. Discrepancies are flagged for review so that pharmacy staff can focus on real issues rather than spending time manually matching records.

“The Bluesight platform represents an expansion of Kit Check’s expertise in machine learning,” said Kevin MacDonald, CEO of Kit Check. “Our new Bluesight product, Bluesight for Controlled Substances, is designed to give Directors of Pharmacy full control of their discrepancy identification and act as an early warning system against drug diversion events.”

The Bluesight CS system utilizes the unique Bluesight prescriptive intelligence platform to analyze item level ‘big data’ across the entire drug lifecycle. Powerful machine learning algorithms uncover hidden patterns and correlations not readily revealed in manual medication audits, which typically examine just 10% of the available data. Hospital administrators receive specific, actionable recommendations on anomalous behavior and documentation patterns and can gain insight into critical usage areas such as the OR and other procedural areas that might not follow the standard order process.

“The interface is very intuitive and the product gives us a thorough investigation, ” said Samuel Roberts, Director of Pharmacy at Beebe Healthcare. “Before, we were doing random audits. Now we are doing it in less time and covering 100% of the data. That gives me confidence that our controlled substance records are complete and in order.”

Bluesight CS leverages existing reports from all major automated dispensing cabinets and EMR vendors and can be fully operational in a matter of days. Hospital IT resources are not required to deploy or maintain the system and it requires no investment in additional licenses, servers or hardware, making it an exceptionally cost-effective solution for medication tracking and auditing.

For more information on Bluesight for Controlled Substances, or to request a demonstration, visit or call 786-548-2432.

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Kit Check is a leading provider of automated medication management solutions for hospital pharmacies. Our solutions blend powerful machine learning and advanced tracking technology to streamline medication inventory and auditing processes. To date our US and Canadian hospital partners have tracked over 30 million medications using our innovative products. More information about the Kit Check suite of solutions can be found at

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