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Kit Check Shortage Management Tools

A few weeks ago we talked about the drug shortage crisis facing hospitals across the country. The options for dealing with shortages are basically to find alternative medications for treatment, or to reallocate the medications that are in limited supply.

Kit Check has shortage management tools that are built into the app that can help hospitals mitigate this issue:

  • Item Level Tracking ensures that you have an accurate view of your drug inventory and usage data, including kitted and shelved inventory as well as used and consumed reporting. You can see at a glance what you have available to help you deal with a shortage situation.
  • One-click Extended Dating allows you to change expiration dates for NDC lots, ensuring that medications don’t get thrown away before they need to be.
  • Automated Tray Checking with Shortage Guidance takes the guesswork out of tray restocking for technicians and pharmacists in a constantly fluctuating environment. This new scan surfaces shortage details and automatically checks extended expiration dates.
  • Flexible Par Ranges, Alternate Fill Definitions and Smart Pockets help you to make sure your inventory on hand is optimally distributed, which means staff can spend less time on updating systems with alternate fill options and par ranges.
  • Par Optimization Analytics enables informed, targeted changes to par levels to help minimize the impact of the shortage.)
  • IDN Level Reporting allows hospital systems to quickly balance supply and demand across all of their hospitals.

To find out more about Kit Check’s built-in shortage management tools and how they work in practice, listen to our recent webinar.