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KLAS Recognition

Rated #1 in Drug Diversion

Monitoring by KLAS


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Bluesight’s Ease-Of-Use Drives Tangible Outcomes 

The results are in – our clients have ranked Bluesight as the industry leader in ease-of-use, overall product quality, and overall satisfaction.

94% of Bluesight customers surveyed by KLAS indicated they would buy Bluesight again and 97% of clients said it was a part of their long-term plans.

The Proven Leader in Drug Diversion Monitoring 

KLAS launched the Drug Diversion Monitoring category in 2020. Since then, healthcare providers have ranked Bluesight as the top-rated drug diversion monitoring vendor three years running.

Kit Check [now Bluesight] is very good at supporting our integration and interoperability goals, and I have seen expansions of that. They are not just blowing smoke; they are actually following through.

Manger, October 2022

Our experience with the product has been remarkable. The product has provided more insight into controlled substance transactions and increased visibility into controlled substance use at our hospital.

Manger, October 2022

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Various medicine containers.

*The above are comments from Bluesight customers, as included in the KLAS database. To learn more visit