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Diversion Quarterly Q3, 2023

Diversion Quarterly Q3, 2023

Bluesight® is sharing data from its ControlCheck platform on a quarterly basis to provide insight into the types of diversions and investigations that may be occurring in hospitals.The following information is as of September 30th, 2023. Data was pulled from health systems across the United States. This report represents anonymous data for 488 ControlCheck customers.

Key Takeaways

•The average number of investigations per hospital continues grow quarter over quarter for 2023. This is concurrent with a 15% increase in total investigations.

•Time to close investigations decreased by two days even with an increase in the average number of investigations. We believe some of this is around urgency for upcoming DEA visits.

•The number of confirmed diversion increased dramatically which is concurrent with the number of investigations increasing. Q3 has seen one of the highest spikes in diversion from the last three years.

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