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Airplane Engines, Hospital Pharmacies, and Controlled Substance Diversion Prevention

Health Connect Partners Fall 17 (#hcpchicago) just wrapped up in Chicago and, wow, was it a great show. As usual, HCP is a unique forum that provides the opportunity to interact with pharmacy thought leaders to better understand the challenges they face. One of the hot topics that came up in many of the conversations was the issue of diversion. The opioid crisis impacting our nation has increased the scrutiny hospitals face when it comes to their accounting of the distribution of use of controlled substances throughout the hospital.

Machine learning, “big data”, and controlled substance compliance

Seeing this trend, Kit Check has been hard at work building a new solution which I had the honor of officially unveiling during a presentation to all of the attendees. In that presentation, I shared how airplane engine manufacturers are aggregating information from multiple sources and applying machine learning against the resulting “big data” to help better anticipate engine failures. With Bluesight for Controlled Substances, we take a similar approach by aggregating data from dispensing cabinets and the EMR. We then apply machine learning to enable hospitals to audit 100% of transactions with efficiency. Advanced analytics then reveal patterns and trends that can’t be seen with 10% audits allowing hospital leadership to take proactive measures to help prevent diversion.

Learn more about Bluesight for Controlled Substances

To learn more about Bluesight for Controlled Substances, watch the recording of my presentation above, visit the Bluesight website, or, if you are in need of a solution immediately, contact us. We have a great promotion in honor of the launch (90 days free*), so act soon if improving controlled substance compliance is on the top of your to-do list.

* Limitations apply. Contact us for details.