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Automating Tray Replenishment for Efficiency and Safety

A recent Pharmacy Purchasing & Products article spotlighted how the UNC Health system found efficiencies in refilling ER trays by automating the process using RFID.

In 2018 UNC Health, a not-for-profit integrated health care system owned by the state of North Carolina, began a program to centralize their tray restocking process. In addition to saving time for the staff of its eleven affiliate hospitals, this program would give them the opportunity to increase access and visibility into medication usage data and inventory.

After standardizing their tray layouts and content, the UNC team worked with Kit Check to implement the technology and workflow throughout the system. They began with the small facilities in the system, and plan to implement in the second-largest UNC Health hospital this year.

Since implementing the RFID automated restocking system, UNC Health has been able to use the Kit Check analytics to fine tune par levels to inform purchasing and avoid medication stockouts. The data also shows which medications are used the most. The system has seen reduced redundancies and errors, and streamlined the management of drug shortages and recalls.

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