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Bluesight for Controlled Substances announces rebrand to ControlCheck™

It’s with great pleasure that we announce Bluesight for Controlled Substances’ rebrand to ControlCheck. This comes after BluesightⓇ, formally known as Kit Check, announced the company rebrand at the American Society of Health System Pharmacist’s (ASHP) Midyear conference in Las Vegas. The company ultimately decided to rebrand to Bluesight to reflect its wider suite of Medication Intelligence™ solutions.

How it Started

Since launching in 2017, ControlCheck’s mission has been to keep patients and staff safe through proactive drug diversion monitoring. ControlCheck, a next-generation drug diversion monitoring solution, offers an alternative to first-generation solutions and pen-and-paper reconciliation of medications.

Through integrating feeds from a hospital’s dispensing cabinets and their electronic medical records (EMRs), ControlCheck was able to conduct closed-loop dose reconciliation and trace every medication dispensed through the corresponding administrations, waste, and/or return events. This ensured that the full volume dispense is accounted for across all documentation systems, care providers, and handoffs.

In 2018, ControlCheck released the Individual Risk Identification Score (IRIS) utilizing unsupervised machine learning, a type of artificial intelligence (AI), to help target, focus and manage drug diversion investigation efforts.

ControlCheck has proven to be the market leader in drug diversion monitoring software, winning Best in KLAS consecutively for the last three years. ControlCheck customers have highly rated the software’s ease of use as a driver to facilitate tangible outcomes at their hospitals.

To date:

  • We’re honored to partner with 500+ hospitals 
  • ControlCheck has monitored over 100 million medication transactions 
  • 14,000+ registered users leverage ControlCheck in their hospitals

The Story Behind ControlCheck

When thinking of a new name for Bluesight for Controlled Substances, we wanted to ensure we found a name that was indicative of our commitment to fostering a culture of safety at your hospital with your patients and staff.

Bluesight for Controlled Substance ultimately chose the name ControlCheck because we want all of your controlled substances to be visible, accounted for and in check, providing you full control over the medications in your hospital.

That way, you can focus your time on getting your patients the care they deserve.

You can think of the pentagon in the new logo as an allusion to both the home and the hospital. In both places you have a sense of security and control over the environment around you.

Where We’re Going

Our website will also be updated with a new author landing page, so it’s easier to access the newest publications and thought leadership from our experts.

ControlCheck is committed to supporting our growing user base and adding new features to help make customer workflows easier. In 2023, we plan on improving file performance to help enhance platform stability as well as implement more tools for our support team to minimize delays on support tickets.

In 2023, there will be opportunities to continue to engage and interact with the Bluesight Community including webinars, forums and focus groups. Launching in January is ControlCheck’s Diversion Collective, a cohort-based learning model aimed to help fill the gaps in creating a successful diversion prevention program.

We are humbled to have your trust in us and we’re thrilled for the future we have together as ControlCheck.