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Bluesight Partners with ASHP to Launch Drug Diversion Program Assessment

A Note From Bluesight’s CEO

Today marks an exciting milestone in Bluesight’s journey to helping hospitals and health systems combat drug diversion. Over the last year and a half, Bluesight’s clinical team, customers, and national drug diversion leaders worked together with the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP) to build the first-ever Controlled Substances Diversion Prevention Program (CSDPP) Assessment Tool. This web-based resource will help your organization conduct a gap analysis against best practices described in the ASHP Guidelines on Preventing Diversion of Controlled Substances. Bluesight’s dedication to combating drug diversion started in 2017 when we launched ControlCheck (formerly Bluesight for Controlled Substances) which now supports over 650 hospitals. At the time hospitals were manually combating drug diversion by tracking medication dispenses and variances with pen and paper. As the market evolved, so did the need for more resources to train the hospital staff across the country

Here at Bluesight, we recognized this challenge and launched our Diversion Quarterly Reports to provide insights into different trends affecting ControlCheck customers that hospitals could use to benchmark their own diversion efforts. Yet, there was still a need for additional guidance for hospitals and health systems to better understand how their clinical workflows compare to peers. This led to an initiative I am very proud of called the Diversion Collective. The Diversion Collective is cohort facilitated through the Bluesight Community. The program allows health systems to enrich diversion prevention efforts with expert insights and collaborative peer engagement to better diversion prevention across the country. In 2023 this program supported 215 diversion leaders from 95 health systems across 19 different disciplines. To further help build on their success, we also implemented cohort-based benchmarking into the ControlCheck software.

There will always be a need for resources and partnerships like ours with ASHP to better support our hospital leaders in the ever-growing challenge of combating drug diversion. The launch of the Controlled Substances Diversion Prevention Program (CSDPP) Assessment Tool is a step in the right direction to increase the number of industry-wide resources available. Bluesight is dedicated to providing tools and resources that provide simple medication tracking from purchase to patient administration allowing hospitals to worry less about inventory, compliance, and costs – and focus on what matters most: patient care. This new diversion resource does just that: allows our customers and health systems across the nation to close diversion gaps and focus more on patient safety.  

I personally want to thank you for your dedication to combating this growing endemic and building a safer healthcare environment for all.