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Bluesight for Controlled Substances launching the Diversion Collective, a New Educational Resource for Successful Diversion Prevention Programs.

Bluesight for Controlled Substances launching the Diversion Collective, a New Educational Resource for Successful Diversion Prevention Programs.


Bluesight, the leading automation vendor in Medication Intelligence™, just announced the Diversion Collective in partnership with its drug diversion software, Bluesight for Controlled Substances. 


The Diversion Collective was launched by Jennifer Splawski, PharmD, MS, BCPS and Lauren Forni, PharmD, MBA – Directors of Clinical Strategy at Bluesight. After seeing a blanket need for more fundamental information and industry best practices to support hospitals going live with the application and in developing their diversion prevention program, the idea for the Collective emerged. 


“Proactive support is the goal. We want every hospital to be successful which is why we developed the Collective.” said Dr. Forni. 


The Diversion Collective is a cohort based education program dedicated to ensuring hospitals have the right information and guidance to implement a successful drug diversion prevention program. Through an 8-week collaborative learning program, hospitals will gain the knowledge and confidence to build a comprehensive diversion prevention plan. 


Each week participants will go through a planned course, guided by Bluesight’s Directors of Clinical Strategy and other experts in drug diversion prevention. Topics will include subjects such as policy and procedures, investigational interviewing and much more. Courses will also include opportunities for discussion and planning exercises that will assist in their implementation. 


The cohort will include extensive access to content and materials including a Diversion Collective guide, a learner’s guide, and best practice examples on policy, procedure and workflow. Organizations will be able to view content as often as they would like, as well as share content within their organization, making this a great value add with no additional cost to the organization. 


After completing the cohort, participants should feel confident in how to integrate their policies and procedures with the use of Bluesight for Controlled Substances


An additional goal of the Collective is to allow hospitals to have access to a user forum of peers from other hospitals using Bluesight in order to share knowledge and discuss best practices. Customers can also continue engagement and education through the Bluesight Community.


The Bluesight Community is to provide users with a place to ask questions, find answers, and engage with professionals nationwide on Bluesight best practices. Customers join the Bluesight Community to connect with peers, maximize product knowledge, and learn best practices to advance patient care.


“We have already seen positive feedback from current and potential customers about having a dedicated space to network and collaborate with peers,” said Dr. Splawski. 


The Collective will not be limited to just new hospitals. The Collective will be available to all hospital partners in order to ensure that all customers have better support, the ability to collaborate with peer and hands-on guidance expertise from our clinicians. 


About Bluesight, The Medication Intelligence™ Company 


Bluesight solves supply chain inefficiencies and reduces risk by providing actionable analytics for every step of the medication lifecycle. Through our suite of Medication Intelligence™ solutions, Bluesight brings simplicity, visibility, and predictability to the complex world of medication management .


To date, more than a 1000 U.S. and Canadian hospitals utilize Bluesight solutions to optimize their hospital’s efficiency. 


Bluesight focuses on providing comprehensive, item- level data that empowers providers to make informed, accurate decisions. These solutions include RFID-enabled inventory management, controlled substance diversion prevention software and medication purchasing optimization.


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