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Bluesight launches short-dated inventory purchasing in CostCheck, through a partnership with Pfizer Hospital

Bluesight and Pfizer Hospital are joining forces to streamline the purchasing of short-dated medications through Bluesight’s CostCheck software solution. This new feature will allow hospitals to save money on drug spend, eliminate the guesswork of short-dated procurement, and use short-dated ordering as a shortage mitigation strategy. 

The right product in the right quantity

This feature allows hospitals to save money by executing direct orders to Pfizer Hospital through discounted deals tailored to each facility’s needs – all based on best-in-class predictive analytics. This means CostCheck will only present opportunities that provide cost savings relevant to individual hospitals and health systems in quantities that align with their purchasing volumes. By recommending products with the highest use, there is little to no risk of expiration.

No markups

CostCheck customers will only pay for the drugs they order, with no mark-up for the service. In fact, CostCheck will exclusively present opportunities where direct purchasing from Pfizer Hospital results in savings compared to their current average unit price.

The future of healthcare procurement

“We are thrilled to announce this partnership between Bluesight and Pfizer Hospital,” said Kevin MacDonald, Co-founder and CEO of Bluesight. “By combining Pfizer’s renowned pharmaceutical expertise with CostCheck’s advanced analytics, we are reshaping the pharmaceutical procurement landscape and empowering healthcare providers with the tools they need to maximize access to Pfizer’s portfolio while saving them money. This is what I hope to be just the start of our partnerships as we explore other possible points of collaboration within our suite of medication intelligence solutions.”

By eliminating inefficiencies and maximizing access to high-quality pharmaceutical products, Bluesight and Pfizer are creating a more streamlined, cost-effective, and intelligent future for healthcare procurement.

CostCheck customers can enable this feature by emailing