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Bluesight Unveils New Functionality for Proactive Risk Management that Drives Collaborative, Efficient Reviews and Investigations of High-risk Users.

End-to-End Diversion Confirmation Workflow 

Budget and staffing constraints are common for many health systems, but must be balanced against patient safety and compliance. The new IRIS Worklist & Review process aims to reduce burden and time spent on administrative diversion monitoring tasks by automating flagged users to review and surfacing the most important metrics and data to evaluate. 

ControlCheck uses proprietary Individual Risk Identification Score (IRIS), by synthesizing dispensing data, behavior patterns, time lags, movement, wasting relationships, attendance, and more. Now, the platform will also proactively flag high-risk users and intelligently prioritize the review list. Users can eliminate manual tasks, take action, and reduce time to review high-risk users by leveraging contextual data on an IRIS user’s demographics, controlled substance activity, and review activity in one centralized view of data. An initial user of the new IRIS Worklist shared they completed IRIS reviews 8x faster than before, saving over an hour on each review. 

Integrated Reviews & Investigations for Suspected Diversion

With several new features within Investigations added this year, ControlCheck customers can trust that users only have access to what they’re permitted to see, have confidence in their ability to collect key evidence for an investigation, and collect evidence more productively. ControlCheck provides the complete evidence package in a central location, supporting multi-disciplinary drug diversion response teams in their effort to seamlessly communicate, collect high-quality evidence, and decrease the time to confirm diversion.

“I simply link concerning transactions to the investigation and add a comment during the linking step, rather than sending information in an email. The managers who are added as collaborators can view supporting linked transactions, and ultimately the disciplinary and corrective action process becomes effective when the manager shows supporting data to staff members,” said Kavita Aulakh, Market Drug Diversion Prevention Specialist at Sovah Health, a member of LifePoint Health.

The Future of Drug Diversion Oversight

ControlCheck has analyzed over 150 million transactions across perioperative, nursing, and pharmacy areas, identifying a diverter every two days on average. With continuous enhancements and a new level of accuracy and efficiency, Bluesight is helping ensure a safer healthcare environment. “The new end-to-end diversion confirmation workflow within ControlCheck provides customers with enhanced intelligence and seamless workflows, ultimately increasing each health system’s regulatory compliance and freeing up more time to be spent on quality patient care,” shared Samir Neyazi, Director of Product at Bluesight. “Our commitment to continued innovation is pertinent in the fight against diversion.”