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Choice, Flexibility and the Safest Way to Tag Medications

In today’s video, Doug Zurawski, Pharm.D., discusses the benefits of the Detail, Basic and Pre-Tagged options. Kit Check is the only solution to offer three tagging choices. We provide this flexibility because we recognize that different hospitals have different priorities. Some hospitals even use a combination of approaches to meet their needs.

Millions of Pre-Tagged Medications

Many hospitals find it convenient to tag the medications themselves but some prefer to have a third-party packager do it for them. Kit Check partners like PharMEDium tag pre-filled syringes, while SafeCor and others provide other medication form factors like ampoules and vials. All of these pre-tagged medications are checked by a registered pharmacist before shipping to your hospital and are ready to use upon delivery.

The Safest Way to Tag

Kit Check hospitals have tagged and tracked nearly 20 million medications. And every one of these followed a standardized procedure focused on accuracy and safety. Whether you’re using the Detail tag, Basic tag or Pre-Tagged option, Kit Check software ensures that a registered pharmacist checks every tagged medication before it is approved for use in the system. To learn more about Kit Check’s three tagging options, click the button below.

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