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Geoff Cox of MedStar Georgetown Discusses Advantages of Kit Check Technology

Hundreds of hospitals have now implemented automation for pharmacy kit replenishment in order to improve accuracy and efficiency. Four years ago, there were fewer than 20 hospitals using any technology to address these problems. Since that time, the overwhelming majority of hospitals have chosen Kit Check as reported by the State of Pharmacy Automation 2016 report from Pharmacy Purchasing & Products. A big driver behind the rapid adoption of Kit Check is the efficiency and reliability of the technology.

Geoff Cox is Director of Pharmacy at MedStar Georgetown Hospital. In last week’s video interview, he recounted how Georgetown first started looking at pharmacy kit replenishment automation after a clinician discovered a kit medication stocking error. That event led him to evaluate the available options and what he found was a distinct difference in reliability, consistency and ease of use. While an alternative solution led to frustration and rework by pharmacy technicians, Dr. Cox comments that the Kit Check technology was “very efficient irrespective of how they put the trays inside,” the scanner. This is consistent with Kit Check’s product focus. The solution was designed to accommodate the wide variety of pharmacy kit configurations and perform reliably even when items are not optimally arranged in the kit.

Watch the video and then read about presentations from Georgetown MedStar, Advocate Lutheran and Scripps Health from the 2016 ASHP Summer Meetings where the pharmacy directors discussed using Kit Check with PharMEDium.

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