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Introducing Beju Shah, Kit Check’s New Director of Clinical Solutions

When Beju Shah came to Kit Check in Summer 2020 with over a decade of combined clinical and informatics pharmacy experience, the company knew it had found its newest “unicorn.” Beju’s career has provided him a unique set of skills – he’s equipped with deep knowledge of all aspects of pharmacy medication use processes, from frontline patient-centered care to data-driven analytics and system-based thinking, and he’s able to blend this knowledge to offer pragmatic solutions in response to issues within the industry.

Currently based in Charleston, SC, Beju earned his Bachelor of Science in management information systems from the University of South Carolina in 2002 and worked for a time as a web developer, later going on to earn his Doctor of Pharmacy from the Medical University of South Carolina in 2010. The latter is where Beju landed his first job in hospital pharmacy, giving him valuable clinical and operational experience that he continues to draw from to this day. He then moved on to a clinical pharmacy analyst position within the IT department, where he worked to ensure safe and effective medication use by managing information systems, optimizing workflows and leveraging data to drive business decisions.

During his stint in informatics, Beju found time to earn his Master of Business Administration from The Citadel in South Carolina in 2013. A year later, he also took up a position as an assistant professor and faculty advisor at the MUSC College of Pharmacy, bringing his extensive knowledge of health-system pharmacy to the classroom and demonstrating his innate leadership skills. Additionally, he joined the IT innovation team in 2017, reporting directly to the CTO, consulting on enterprise-wide initiatives to accelerate ideas from incubation to execution.

Beju further cemented himself as a healthcare IT leader by co-founding the Pharmacy Informatics Academy in late 2019. The organization’s goal is to pave the way for the future of pharmacy informatics and train the next generation of pharmacists. Beju believes that making technology as usable as possible will result in elevating the role of clinicians and help achieve better outcomes for patients. As the organization’s co-founder, he likewise believes it is vital for healthcare professionals to be competent in understanding technology to empower individuals in improving the healthcare delivery model.

In his new role as Director of Clinical Solutions at Kit Check, Beju will combine the skills he’s gathered thus far – medication safety, data analytics, project management, process improvement, market research, and much more – to continue to provide Kit Check partners and customers with the cutting-edge medication management solutions the company has come to be known for. Beju will also flex his innovation skills by producing new advanced solutions designed to elevate and simplify processes within the pharmacy space.

The addition of Beju to the Kit Check team will support the company’s overall mission of helping pharmacists improve operational efficiency, patient safety, and medication intelligence and visibility throughout the hospital. His expertise and breadth of knowledge positions him as a leader at the organization and will ultimately help to propel Kit Check as a market-leading medical technology company.

Engage with Beju on LinkedIn.