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Kit Check Gives Pharmacists More Med Usage Data with Enterprise Reporting

Denver, CO — Kit Check™ (, the leader in hospital pharmacy kit processing and medication tracking software, today announced the first enterprise reporting capability for hospital pharmacy kit medications. Kit Check has integrated Tableau’s analytics platform to provide pharmacy managers with easy access to medication and pharmacy kit use data along with the ability to build dashboards and gain additional ROI through proactive management reporting. The enterprise reporting complements Kit Check’s existing operational reports that track expiring medications and assist in shortage and recall management. Enterprise reporting will be made available to all existing customers at no additional cost and will include the ability for both in-depth hospital level data analysis, as well as multi-site analysis for hospital systems.

“Pharmacists have been flying blind for years when it comes to pharmacy kit medication use. Both manual processing and stand-alone systems trap data in someone’s head or a PC and it is not available for management decision making. Kit Check runs from the cloud which means all medication lifecycle and kit data are available from any computer. It can show information from a single site or a roll-up across an entire hospital system. We integrated the Tableau analytics platform to enable customizable dashboards with detail drill down that complements standard reports. Kit Check has tracked over five million medications and 500,000 kit replenishments to date and we are making all of that data available to pharmacy managers so they can capture even more ROI from using Kit Check. Benefits that many customers are targeting include reducing medication inventory, waste due to expiration and stock-outs,” said Kit Check vice president of product management Ramsey Chambers.

Kit Check vice president of sales Doug Zurawski, Pharm.D. added, “Hospital pharmacy directors need data. They are asked to run complex and costly operations, but have few tools allowing them to proactively manage operations and reduce risk. Kit Check has provided operational reports for years. Now, we have added powerful management reporting and decision support capabilities. Reporting dashboards are the type of tool I always wanted when serving as a pharmacy director. I am particularly excited about the multi-site reporting capabilities that will allow entire systems to view medication and kit activity across hospitals.”

Kit Check is demonstrating the enterprise reporting capabilities for hospital medication tracking and its Kit Check and Anesthesia Check solutions at the ASHP Summer Meetings in Denver, Colorado this week. Visit Kit Check at booth #715. You can learn more about Kit Check reports here:

About Kit Check™

Kit Check™ is the leader in automated hospital pharmacy kit processing and medication tracking software. Since 2012, Kit Check™ has focused on replacing time consuming and error prone manual processes in hospital medication handling with faster and safer automation technologies driven by a scalable cloud software platform. Kit Check™ is headquartered in Washington, DC and serves hospitals throughout the United States. For more information please contact Kit Check™ by email at or call at (786) 548-2432 ext. 5.