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Kit Check Improves Recall Management for MedStar Georgetown

Manually managing the recall process “wasted time” says Geoff Cox of MedStar Georgetown in today’s video. The pharmacy staff would have to manually search through hundreds of trays for the lot number to ensure affected medications were removed. With Kit Check, the hospital has streamlined this process and can identify the exact location of recalled drugs in pharmacy kits in just a few seconds.

The time savings can be significant. According to our recent Hospital Pharmacy Operations Report, nearly 20% of recalls that impact pharmacy kits take 10 – 20 hours. Other respondents reported incidents that consumed 51 – 100 hours of manpower to resolve. These hours are reduced to minutes with the Kit Check solution. CaroMont Health reported a 96% time savings in processing recalls, while Wayne Memorial discovered that 90% of the time, the kits did not contain the recalled item and they were able to eliminate what was previously wasted effort. To learn how Kit Check can help streamline your hospital’s recall process or provide automatic notifications leveraging the Kit Check user network, click the buttons below.

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