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Kit Check Introduces Automatic Recall Notifications, 10 Hospitals Immediately Benefit

We talk a lot about the advantages for hospitals of being in the cloud: No IT support required, effortless upgrades, support for IDNs and multi-hospital reporting. We’ve also written about the challenges hospitals face when dealing with recalls and all the benefits Kit Check brings to make processing recalls faster, easier and safer. Building on those existing benefits, we are really excited to announce our latest features, Kit Check Network Recalls & Proactive Notifications. These new features leverage unique capabilities of the cloud and when combined with Kit Check’s user community make handling recalls even easier and further enhance patient safety.

The Power of Kit Check’s Network: When Other Users Help You

Hospitals using our solution have historically benefited from faster and safer recalls. Now our customers also benefit from two new features that make dealing with recalls even easier and safer.

    • Kit Check Network Recalls – Because we are in the cloud, we can track recalls created by users across the extensive Kit Check Network of hundreds of hospitals. Kit Check automatically identifies what other hospitals have those NDCs and lot numbers present and then proactively suggest recalls to the pharmacies that have not yet acted. As a result, hospitals can more quickly find out about recalls and not waste time on recalls that don’t impact them.

Kit Check Network Recall Feature

  • Proactive Notifications – When a pharmacy user logs into Kit Check they immediately see a notification indicating they have pharmacy kit inventory that has been identified as a Kit Check Network recall. With one click, the user can register the recall within their own hospital, instantly see how much inventory is impacted and where those impacted trays and drugs are currently located. We don’t bother users with recalls that aren’t relevant to their hospital. The feature reduces the patient safety risk of missing a recall and quickly helps users understand the impact on their inventory position. This enables Kit Check hospital pharmacies to get in at the head of the line when ordering replenishment stock.


10 Hospitals See Immediate Benefit

Within minutes of releasing the Kit Check Network Recall and Proactive Notification features we were able to notify 10 hospitals that they had recalled drugs in their pharmacy kit inventory. This enabled them to quickly remove those items and ensure patient safety. The result is a testament to the power of the crowd and the cloud. Someone in the crowd of Kit Check users identified a recall notice and when they entered the data into the system, the cloud was able to instantly notify every other user impacted by that recall.

As new recalls occur, even more users will benefit from the Kit Check Network of more than 250 hospitals and 15,000 system users. The cloud offers instant notification and it also means that all new Kit Check features are available immediately to users. There are no disruptive software upgrades. Features such as Network Recalls are available to everyone automatically. This offers tangible benefits and peace of mind for pharmacy leaders.

Patient Safety, Time Savings and Avoiding Drug Shortages

Before Kit Check, recalls consumed a significant amount of pharmacy staff time and often unplanned overtime. It was common for recalls to resemble a wild goose chase because only after checking everything did the hospital learn the recall didn’t impact their inventory. This wasted a tremendous amount of staff time. One Kit Check user learned that over 90% of the time dozens of staff hours were wasted because they discovered recalled lot numbers weren’t present. However, they never knew which recall was that 10% event where they needed to remove a recalled drug. With Kit Check, they know in seconds whether pulling pharmacy kits is even necessary. Proactive notifications mean they now can know even before running a Kit Check report.

Pharmacy leaders also know that automating this process involves more than just avoiding patient risk and wasted staff time. When hospitals don’t identify and process recalls quickly they end up at the back of the line when trying to purchase replenishment stock. If the recalled drug was already on shortage or if the magnitude of the recall creates a shortage, hospitals are stuck in a situation of not having the drugs needed by patients. Tools such as Kit Check Network Recalls can help pharmacies proactively manage these disruptive events and reduce both cost and risk in the process.

If you would like to become part of the Kit Check network and take advantage of the many benefits of automating your kit tracking and restocking processes, please contact us by clicking below.
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