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Kit Check Solves Age-Old Problems with Incorrect and Expired Medications in Emergency Code Trays and Pharmacy Kits

Automated system saves time and reduces the potential for error.

Baltimore, MD June 12, 2012 — Kit Check™ today, at the American Society of Heath-System Pharmacists Summer Leadership Meeting, announces their new product which solves problems that every hospital faces. Every day kits are used in emergency situations as well as common surgeries. Nationally, almost 20% of the kits in hospitals contain expired and incorrect medications. Kit Check’s™ patent pending system includes an innovative scanning station and web-based software that automates manual processes.

When a kit is placed into the Kit Check™ scanning station, Kit Check™ identifies items that need to be stocked or replaced. After the technician stocks and replaces the identified items, they re-insert the kit into the scanning station to verify accuracy. These two automated processes are executed in seconds compared with the manual processes, which might consume 10-15 minutes each. Kit Check’s™ automation reduces the likelihood for human error, thus reducing the risk of dispatching kits with expired, missing, excess, or incorrect medications.

“With Kit Check™, code trays and other pharmacy-stocked kits are processed faster while reducing the potential for error,” commented Tim Kress-Spatz, CTO of Kit Check™. He continued, “The information embedded into the system can be tapped, allowing hospitals to manage shortages, expiration dates, and recalls more effectively and more efficiently.”

“Kit Check™ gives hospitals the potential to re-deploy staff to other activities, including more direct patient care and clinical activities. Also, work satisfaction is improved because Kit Check™ eliminates many of the tedious steps involved in the manual process, especially the chore of examining each item’s expiration date,” said Kress-Spatz.

Kit Check™ is already running in a clinical environment with tremendous safety and efficiency benefits. Learn more about University of Maryland Medical Center and their clinical use here and visit Kit Check™ online at