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New Bluesight for Controlled Substances Feature: Investigation Portfolios

We are excited to announce the launch of our newest feature for the Bluesight for Controlled Substances (BCS) medication tracking and diversion risk detection platform: Investigation Portfolios. Designed to support ASHP investigation guidelines, the Investigations Portfolio dashboard allows hospital diversion teams to collaborate with each other throughout the process, ensuring thorough, unbiased investigations and adherence to established procedures.

Many hospitals have an investigation process in place, but these often involve manual review of records by managers in several different departments. Standard pitfalls for investigations include the inability to implement written policies, procedures, and standards; inconsistent treatment and follow-through for at-risk employees; ineffective interviewing processes, unclear requirements and lack of transparency; and disconnected sources for auditing past investigations.

The Investigation Portfolios dashboard shows the status, reasons, and dates for all active investigations. Users can attach documentation, interview notes, and reports in the tool, as well as policies and procedures and other key documents relative to the case to ensure that state and federal guidelines and mandates are being met.

Read the full press release here.