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Pharmacy leader strategies for balancing competing priorities

I spend a lot of time with Directors of Pharmacy across the country and hear from them the long list of projects and objectives that they have on the calendar to complete: implementing or upgrading ADCs and EMRs, complying with USP <797> and <800>, and more. On top of this list of planned projects are those unexpected, high priority events for which you can’t plan. For example, regulatory visits from CMS, TJC, State Boards of Pharmacy, FDA and others. As a result, pharmacy leadership often struggles to balance priorities and still meet their objectives.

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Kit Check first to free up staff and dollars

Recently I was meeting with a Director at a major midwestern university teaching hospital who told me that Kit Check was the third priority for him behind two other projects that he felt were more important for his department.  He was absolutely committed to our company and technology, but couldn’t justify diverting attention and resources until those projects were completed.  As the conversation continued and I learned more about the higher priority projects, their associated costs and expected impacts for pharmacy, I made a bold suggestion… if he wanted to achieve success with those projects, he should implement Kit Check first.

Initially, this counterintuitive suggestion made the DOP pause. However, after walking through the well-documented labor and hard dollar savings Kit Check customers realize from using our solution, he saw that by implementing Kit Check first he would free up staff and dollars to implement and pay for his higher priority projects. In short order, Kit Check moved to the top of the priority list, was implemented in a matter of days and the DOP was able to immediately reallocate resources to meet his team’s original goals.

Only possible because of how easy we make it to be a Kit Check customer

Although other solutions claim to offer similar time and money savings, this idea of adding a new project to the front of the line in order to expedite all of your existing projects could only be possible with Kit Check. And the reason for this is that we don’t just make great software that delivers real value, we make the entire experience of being a Kit Check customer really easy.

Easy to contract. We have the largest partnership network of GPO’s which means most pharmacies can avoid cumbersome contracting processes.

Easy to buy. We have the largest partnership network of wholesalers which means purchasing Kit Check is as easy as putting in the next day’s drug order.

Easy to implement. Even our largest, most complex implementations are completed in less than a week (oh… and we have the largest partnership network of pre-tagged drug suppliers).

Easy to use. User training takes less than 30 minutes and within the first 24-48 hours of implementation, your staff is fully trained, using the system and happy. When was the last time your staff was happy with a technology implementation?

Don’t believe it could be so easy? Our record for the time from acquisition to implementation is five calendar days. Our Net Promoter Score (NPS), which measures how likely our customers are to recommend us to colleagues, is 30% higher than the industry average and higher than popular consumer brands like BMW and Disney. We’ve added 93 customers in just the last 9 months and our customer retention rate is >99%.  In fact, we are happy to connect our customers with prospective hospitals for peer-to-peer reference checking.  

Do you have high priority projects that are understaffed, over budget and behind schedule? Kit Check can help.

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