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How pharmacy managers can leverage data to maximize team performance

U.S. Navy photo by Photographer’s Mate 2nd Class Ryan J. Courtade Public Domain

As a hospital pharmacy manager, motivating your staff and ensuring consistent application of processes can be a monumental task. There are thousands of articles and books professing best practices for motivating teams but they all boil down to three main points.

  1. Some individuals are motivated by achievement and recognition
  2. Some individuals are motivated through guidance and structure
  3. Clearly communicating goals/objectives and regularly discussing performance with employees is key (and really, really difficult to do well)

Data is critical for managing team performance

Through our conversations with operations managers, we learned of a variety of tactics they use to motivate their teams. They can range from motivating top performers by telling them they are appreciated, by offering bonuses or prizes for achieving goals, or by recognizing their achievements publicly.  Then there are the times when managers are forced to have difficult performance conversations with team members who aren’t meeting expectations. One theme we heard over and over again, however, was that managers usually lack any real data to inform how they set goals, discuss performance with individual employees and optimize the team.

Introducing the new Activity Analytics report

With those insights, we set out to provide pharmacy operation managers with the visibility they need to develop data-driven strategies to optimize the team’s performance when it comes to the processing of kits and trays. After several months of work and collaboration with some of our most insightful customers, we are excited to announce our new Activity Analytics report which is part of the broader Kit Check Analytics suite.  Empowered with this objective data, hospital pharmacy managers can easily set realistic goals for the team, provide clear feedback to individual employees and develop strategies to motivate and optimize team performance.

Here are a few questions we help pharmacy managers answer with the new Activity Analytics report:

  • Am I appropriately allocating my resources based on competing priorities and costs?
  • Who are my Kit Check “power users” that I can leverage to help train other employees?
  • Who on the team may require additional training or motivation?
  • Are we being consistent as a team with our processes?
  • Can we adjust our schedule to avoid any spikes in activity that leave individual employees feeling overwhelmed?

Have more questions about this report or the rest of our analytics and reporting? Feel free to reach out at