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Salinas Valley Automates Med Restocking for Anesthesia Workstations

kit-check-case-study-salinas-valleyManually restocking medications for anesthesia workstations and central OR automated dispensing cabinets (ADC) is a headache for any hospital, and time-consuming. Michael Brown, Director of Pharmacy at Salinas Valley Memorial, felt this acutely.

The 269-bed facility in California relied on a night-shift technician to refill and manually check the anesthesia drawers in each OR, which took almost 3 hours a day and left room for error. “This process was time consuming and, as a DOP, didn’t leave me with a lot of confidence that we caught all the potential problems, such as expired drugs,” said Dr. Brown.

Since Salinas Valley implemented Kit Check, time spent restocking Pyxis anesthesia workstations fell to 30 minutes a day, 83% faster than their previous manual method. The time savings and enhanced accuracy were only two of the benefits. Dr. Brown added, “Now we also have time to restock twice a day if necessary, which has essentially eliminated any stock outs…We can also easily and quickly locate recalled medications by running a location report for all of our kits.”

To learn more about Salinas Valley’s experience with Kit Check complete with a breakdown of the numbers, click the button below.

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