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Seeing More, Achieving More with Bluesight

Has your team outgrown your current tools and software in the hospital pharmacy? It’s time to upgrade to a solution that evolves with you, and one that helps facilitate cross-departmental communication and workflow efficiency. The answer is Bluesight: a solution that brings simplicity, visibility, and predictability to your controlled substance management.

The best thing about our end-to-end solution is that we are consistently introducing new features that have helped hospitals nationwide see more through what we call Medication Intelligence. Our technologies offer complete visibility throughout the supply chain from the manufacturer to the patient, as well as streamlining and automating workflows for superior performance and safety. See what we can solve for you today.

1-Click Collaboration:
Meet the latest addition to the Bluesight family of features: 1-click collaboration. Diversion is a sensitive subject and you won’t want just anyone to have access to your diversion software, with Bluesight’s Medication Intelligence infrastructure, this feature helps organizations eliminate distractions by sending regular, aggregated digests of important communications, plus, the ability to solicit feedback from anyone in the organization, including pharmacy, nursing, compliance, and more.

Enhanced Analytics:
The enhancements to Bluesight’s analytics capabilities continue to excel because of the ability to add user roles, create peer groups, and export pharmacy events. These unique product advantages help funnel more users and therefore more data into the Bluesight environment, leading to increased visibility and efficiency.

Alert to Action:
Bluesight’s core offering makes it easier for hospital pharmacies to achieve greater visibility to variance risk. Bluesight’s latest feature, variance notifications, helps clients be called into action by alerting them daily or weekly of open variances and providing snapshots of items requiring their attention. When logged into the system, users can instantly see variances that need review, making it easier than ever before to plan throughout the day.

Assignment Escalation Workflow:
The same technology that empowers hospital pharmacies nationwide can be onboarded with your team today for enhancing teamwork and allowing for faster assignment resolution. Bluesight’s trending Assignment and Escalation Workflow allows all users a streamlined dashboard to manage and automate projects both long and short-term tasks. Additionally, this feature allows for multiple investigations and projects per user, increasing your team’s effectiveness.
To access all of these new Medication Intelligence features and to learn about Kitcheck’s end-to-end solution, schedule a demo here.