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Squad Goals: Kit Check’s Annual Pharmacy Survey Reviews Top Tech Initiatives for Hospital Pharmacies

The Kit Check network includes a vast collective of pharmacy executives who, by virtue of their roles and responsibilities, face similar challenges and opportunities. That’s why every year we seek to leverage the collective knowledge of your pharmacy peers to understand trends around areas like staffing, workflow, and technology.

After reviewing the results from the survey, we were particularly curious about the issues driving the technology agendas of pharmacy executives. Surprisingly, this year’s initiatives were entirely different from the last.

Participants rated their top three technology initiatives for 2017-2018 calendar year as ADC upgrades and implementations, IV workflow technology and software installations, and other software implementations (such as EMR, CPOE, etc.). Last year, pharmacy executives reported IV Prep, Anesthesia workstations, and clinical decision support systems as their top priorities.

Did pharmacies accomplish last year’s goals to make way for new ones? Did they simply revise their priorities? Share your thoughts in the comments below and read the report for more information on the perspectives of your pharmacy peers.