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Top 5 Kit Check Blog Posts of 2016

The top blog posts of 2016 highlight why Kit Check is more than just a tag. We help hospitals combat the impacts of drug shortages, provide industry insights with our annual Hospital Pharmacy Operations report and provide 24/7 customer support to name a few. Read below to learn more.

1. Even When Drug Shortages Decline, They Still Create Disruption

Drug shortages continue to be a strain on pharmacy resource especially when it comes to pharmacy kit restocking. Based on the current ASHP drug shortage list, 48% impact pharmacy kits. That is almost half of all shortages and 9% higher than an analysis from 2015. This upward trend is consistent with the rise of high acuity drugs designated on shortage. To learn more, click here.

2. Hospital Pharmacy Operations Report 2016

This year we published the third annual Hospital Pharmacy Operations Report and the findings are just as intriguing as the previous two years. Some of the key themes include the impact of drug price increases, the complications resulting from the intersection of automation, technology and drug shortages, and regulatory compliance as a key driver of pharmacy initiatives. The report includes nineteen pages of analysis accompanied by twenty-one charts. To learn more and download the report, click here.

3. The Numbers Show That Kit Check is More Than Just a Tag

So how is Kit Check more than just a tag? Kit Check’s large user base and cloud software means everyone is connected and can benefit from each other, like with our new network recall feature. We also have the largest partner ecosystem, with partners like PharMEDium, AmerisourceBergen and Safecor. Our robust analytics can also help reduce pharmacy inventory based on actual usage data. To learn more about why Kit Check is more than just a tag, click here.

4. The Six Core Values of Kit Check Customer Support

Supporting over 15,000 users requires an impressive amount of diligence and organization for any company. But here at Kit Check we take it one step further. Our users can expect the Kit Check Support Team to embody six core values in order to achieve excellence. These values are our promise that you expect excellent customer support from Kit Check anytime, day or night. To learn more, click here.

5. Salinas Valley Automates Med Restocking for Anesthesia Workstations

This year we published a case study highlighting the results from Salinas Valley Memorial’s implementation of Kit Check. Manually restocking medications for anesthesia workstations and central OR automated dispensing cabinets (ADC) was a headache for the hospital. Since Salinas Valley implemented Kit Check, time spent restocking Pyxis anesthesia workstations fell to 30 minutes a day, 83% faster than their previous manual method. To learn about Salina Valley’s experience with Kit Check and to download the case study, click here.