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Venture Beat: Kit Check Launches AI to Catch Hospital Staff Stealing Drugs

Yesterday, Kit Check announced the launch of a new feature for Bluesight for Controlled Substances, the Individual Risk Identification Score (IRIS). Venture Beat covered the announcement as IRIS uses artificial intelligence to predict which employees pose the highest risk for controlled substance theft. Kit Check CEO Kevin MacDonald commented in the article,

“The technology calculates how unusual one’s behavior is versus peers in their department, as well as peers across other hospitals, and analyzes a number of underlying metrics and patterns to create an overall risk score. The IRIS dashboard then shows who has the most risk in ranked order so hospital personnel can focus on people who are showing risky patterns. The technology allows an administrator to look at why a person is scored as unusually risky and shows the specific transactions that contributed to the risk score.”

The Venture Beat article also highlights how the machine learning algorithms that power IRIS were developed with direct input by clinical pharmacists who deal with the issue of the diversion on a daily basis. The algorithms use multiple data points to create the risk score, including electronic medical, drug dispensing and drug disposal record, among others. To read the full article, click here.

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