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Video Interview: Scripps Health DoP Robert Eastin on the Value of Kit Check

“In our health system we were looking at ways to really increase efficiency and free up time for our pharmacists and pharmacy technicians to be involved in more clinical tasks. The manual maintenance of emergency kits and trays was very time-consuming. And, we thought if we could take some time away from those distributive responsibilities, we could push our [pharmacy] clinicians to the bedside,” said Robert Eastin, Director of Central Pharmacy and Shared Services for Scripps Health, to lead off the video interview above. He concluded by saying that Kit Check has received an, “overwhelmingly positive response from both the pharmacists and the pharmacy technicians.”

During the interview Dr. Eastin answers several questions including:

  1. Why did you implement Kit Check?
  2. What was the difference before and after Kit Check?
  3. What was the measured time savings with Kit Check compared to manual restocking?
  4. How has Kit Check impacted tracking of locations for emergency kits?
  5. What were the process bottlenecks before using Kit Check?
  6. What types of kits are tracked by Scripps with Kit Check?
  7. How have pharmacists and technicians reacted to Kit Check?