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ZDNet Interviews Kevin MacDonald On Using AI to Prevent Opioid Diversion

Over 500 hospitals now use Kit Check’s automated medicated management solution to track medications from the pharmacy to other procedural and emergency areas in the hospital. ZDNet recently interviewed CEO Kevin MacDonald on how on the large amount of data acquired with its first solution led Kit Check to its next solution: Bluesight for Controlled Substances (BCS). “What we kept hearing in the OR (operating room) space is that drug diversion is a big issue. Bluesight for Controlled Substances is focused on how to fix the diversion problem by being proactive,” said MacDonald. “With all the data we have on controlled substances, we want it to be actionable. We want to tell a hospital that these are the folks to look at and pose a risk. Maybe that risk is explainable.”

The article also explains how BCS allows hospitals to easily detect patterns and filter data with the software’s dashboards, as you can see above. There are many ways hospital staff can divert drugs, which is why the Individual Risk Identification Score (IRIS) feature was also added to the BCS solution. It allows hospitals to drill down into the data to see who is at higher risk of diversion behavior than their peers. ZDNet also notes that Kit Check’s next step for BCS is to track controlled substances from the very moment they enter the hospital: at the loading dock. “Additional data sources will come over time. Hospitals have added what they can easily get,” said MacDonald. “We’re looking at going upstream to the receiving of drugs and the overall supply chain. We can track from manufacturing to patient.”

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