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Kit Check Can Help

  • Free up staff to work on high priority tasks by reducing restocking times by up to 96%
  • Enable proactive planning around shortages to avoid bottlenecks and disruption to normal operations
  • Eliminate errors and ensure compliance by automatically logging all restocking activity
  • Reduce medication inventory costs and waste

How does Kit Check work?

Restock kits, trays and anesthesia workstation drawers in every area of the hospital in just a few minutes, all while keeping an accurate cloud-based inventory record to optimize inventory and ensure patient safety.

Kit Check Hardware

Now that you have an idea of the Kit Check solution, learn more about the hardware that makes it all work. Check out our RFID tag, scanning stations, and RFID printer options that make the Kit Check solution come to life.

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Where do hospitals use the Kit Check solution?

From crash carts, to the OR, every area of your hospital that uses medications can benefit from the Kit Check powered by Bluesight solution. Kit Check has helped transform inventory operations at hundreds of hospitals across the US.

OR Restocking

Whether your hospital uses anesthesia workstations, or non-automated anesthesia cabinets, the results are the same. To ensure counts are correct and no medications are expired, restocking in the OR is incredibly time-consuming for pharmacy. Even with investment in anesthesia workstations and dispensing cabinets, the slow, tedious, and error-prone manual restocking process can result in OR medication stock-outs that frustrate anesthesia providers, add labor costs for pharmacy, and threaten patient safety. With Kit Check the process not only takes a small fraction of the time but ensures accurate inventory, securely accessible from any internet connection.

Save Time

Save pharmacy staff countless hours of restocking in the OR so they can stay focused on clinical work in the pharmacy.

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Improve Accuracy

Avoid incorrect inventory counts that lead to mid-day stock-outs and consume extra time to correct.

Monitor Medications

Prevent expired medications being left in the OR — a major citation and patient safety risk.

Item Level Visibility

Allow pharmacy complete item-level visibility of OR processes and improve dispense documentation to capture every charge, and optimize gross revenue and reimbursement.

Compute Trends

Collect complete usage trends to make formerly impossible data-driven decisions around inventory optimization and PAR levels.

Navigate Shortages

Navigate anesthesia shortages with a cloud-based single source of truth to reallocate medications where they are needed quickly.

Crash Carts

Modernize crash cart restocking with RFID technology. Kit Check transforms this repetitive and error-prone process, which can lead to auditor citations and patient safety issues, into a simple three-minute task.

Ensure Compliance

Free up your staff from spending significant time “double-checking” to ensure compliance.

Improve Accuracy

Avoid expired or incorrect medications in trays and ensure patient safety. Kit Check restocking is 99.5% accurate.

Track Carts

Keep an eye on every cart in your hospital with in-app location tracking so restocking and recall management is a breeze.

Data Driven Decisions

Make data-informed decisions about PAR levels and inventory management to save your department money.

Navigate Supply Chain Challenges

Navigate recalls and shortages with ease, with a cloud-based inventory tracking down to the vial level.

Kit Check can be customized to dovetail with your hospital’s preferred restocking workflow.

Centralized Restocking

For centralized restocking technicians bring kit and trays from clinical areas including the OR, back to central pharmacy for restocking with the Kit Check scanning station.

Decentralized Restocking

For decentralized restocking our Mobile Pharmacy puts restocking clinical areas on wheels, and brings the Kit Check scanning station to wherever medications are used.

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