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7 out of 10 Hospitals Choose Kit Check Because We Offer More Than a Tag

Pharmacy Purchasing & Products’ (PP&P) annual survey of hospitals found that 71% of all hospitals that have implemented Medication Tray Management chose Kit Check. The next closest competitor claimed only 15% market share followed by a few others in the single digits. I am not surprised at this overwhelming support by hospital pharmacists. I was a director of hospital pharmacy and Kit Check is exactly the type of solution I always wanted.

Kit Check’s outsized adoption by hospitals also influenced very favorable user sentiment toward solutions in the category. Forty percent of hospitals said user satisfaction was excellent and another 49% rated their experience as good. The sentiment is almost universally positive. Over 27,000 hospital pharmacy employees in the U.S. and Canada use Kit Check software and they have collectively tracked over 50 million medications. We have proven that the solution is robust, scalable and popular among hospital pharmacies.

More Than a Tag

We are proud of these outcomes because it is a validation of our focus on being a friend to the hospital pharmacist by developing solutions that streamline operations, reduce risk and free up time for clinical work. While many people focused on the now famous Kit Check “Blue Box” or the RFID tags added to vials and syringes, these were only a means to achieving useful outcomes for our users. Kit Check was always about much more than a tag. The key reasons why the market developed as it did and biased toward Kit Check include:

  • Speed – We took a tedious, time-consuming process of medication tray restocking that typically consumed 15-30 minutes of pharmacist and tech time, added automation and cut the time down to 2-3 minutes. There was a ROI from day one which was attractive to hospitals and their GPOs. And, it gave pharmacists more time to devote to critical clinical activities.
  • Accuracy – Medication tray stocking needs to be right so clinicians have the meds required at the time of need. We engineered a solution that typically increased restocking accuracy by more than 99%. Brigham and Women’s hospital reported an audit of 240,000 medications in trays yielded zero errors. This is our goal every day.
  • Easy to Use – Too many hospital systems were built for the convenience of finance or IT. Kit Check was designed with the pharmacist and pharmacy tech in mind. We were inspired to make something as powerful as an EMR, but as easy to use as a smartphone app. We always wanted Kit Check to be fast, easy and delightful to use.
  • Flexibility – From the beginning, Kit Check accommodated different workflows such as pharmacist check and versus tech check, centralized and decentralized restocking for crash carts, anesthesia trays, and cardiac boxes.
  • Unexpected Value – Kit Check’s cloud architecture also offered users several unexpected benefits. Our analytics solutions have helped hospitals save money by optimizing inventory. Benchmarking activities across hospitals using Kit Check. The network recalls feature immediately notifies all hospitals if they have a known recalled med in a medication tray. The trigger is another hospital identifying a drug as on recall and instantly benefitting all other Kit Check hospitals.

Kit Check offers a solution and a community of users that together provide added value to each other. After 12 million medication tray scans, there is a lot of shared knowledge that gets baked into the product and continually extends its value to users.

Extending the Value Even Further

We are now extending that value further with Bluesight for Controlled Substances (BCS). From just three launch partners last year, BCS is now in more than 50 hospitals and is monitoring over 30,000 providers. We are already tracking hundreds of thousands of controlled substances per month and automating 100% audits on controlled substance dispensing, administration, and waste events. The use case is different, but our focus is the same: how can we help the user by providing a faster, more accurate, and easy to use solution that is flexible and delivers unexpected value.

With both medication tray restocking and controlled substance usage tracking, Kit Check has caused hospital pharmacy leaders to take a fresh look at long-standing problem areas. These leaders overwhelmingly choose to work with Kit Check because of our product performance and proven track record. We take that vote of confidence seriously and in return continue to expand the value we provide to hospital pharmacies.

If you would like to learn more about Kit Check’s medication tray management and controlled substance tracking solutions, please click here so we can connect. You can also download the summary PP&P report on medication tray management adoption.

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