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BCS Summer 2020 Release

Bluesight: Medication Intelligence at Your Fingertips

Controlled substance management is one of the most important issues affecting hospital pharmacies today. The way to act proactively is through medication intelligence, which happens to be Bluesight’s specialty. Our proprietary software provides data science-driven analytics, dashboards, reports and more that help your team observe macro trends and patterns.

In order to stay relevant among an ever-changing hospital pharmacy landscape, we are committed to continuously rolling out new features that leverage the most advanced technology available. Our latest features are single sign on, a newly improved pharmacy module, and system benchmarking. Together, these three features give you a powerful, efficient look at your current practices plus recommendations for improvement. Bluesight offers simplicity, visibility, and predictability.

Single Sign On (SSO):
Addressing our customers’ needs for enhanced security and user experience, we’ve enabled a single sign on capability that allows you to access our entire suite of solutions with just one password. This feature helps ensure HIPAA compliance and patient privacy with a centrally-managed, user access system.

While many other pharmacy automation solutions are littered with siloed applications, Bluesight’s single sign on is a secure, seamless feature that puts the global access control of identity management in the hands of your capable IT team, so they can grant or revoke permissions with the push of a button.

Newly Improved Pharmacy Module:
Bluesight’s newly improved pharmacy module provides 100% reconciliation for controlled substances. This state-of-the-art medication intelligence enables focused controlled substance monitoring for a proactive response. The hospital pharmacy module consolidates data into a single source, allowing you to meet compliance regulations every time and make paper auditing a thing of the past. Additionally, with Bluesight your pharmacy will always be audit ready as your data is integrated into a singular source of truth.

System Benchmarking:
If your current performance standardization efforts are falling short, Bluesight’s new system benchmarking is the answer. Using this tool, you’ll have the ability to see controlled substance trends as well as complex aggregated insights that reveal best and worst practices. Allowing your staff access to on-demand process improvement tracking is critical for the growth of any sized institution.

In addition to individual learnings, data gleaned from Bluesight can be leveraged at committee meetings (nursing, HR, security, compliance) for more effective time spent and staff education. Use it to track your performance against industry standards, or to share best practices.

To access all of these new medication intelligence features and to learn about Kit Check’s end-to-end solution, schedule a demo here.