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ControlCheck™ Releases New Form Factor to Track Suppositories.

By Hannah Kanfer


ControlCheck’s new release includes suppositories as the newest form factor. Customers will now get full visibility and be able to track suppositories in their hospital pharmacies. 

Suppositories are a form of medicine that are contained in solid material and melts at body temperature into the bloodstream. Though not commonly diverted, suppositories can still pose a threat to hospitals and it’s important for them to keep track of them. 

Any type of diversion can put your staff, patients, and the reputation of your hospital at risk. That’s why we’ve created the most comprehensive controlled substance tracking and diversion detection solution.

ControlCheck taps into existing information from your dispensing cabinets and EMR to identify anomalous behavior patterns using our artificial intelligence and continuous learning process along with data from our 300+ partner hospitals.

To access all of these new medication intelligence features and to learn about BluesightⓇ’s end-to-end solution, schedule a demo here.